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Dubinchak Drilling offers complimentary, no obligation quotes. We will arrange a time as suited to you to complete a full site inspection. While we are there, we will explain everything involved with the process of obtaining a sustainable water supply and will be able to answer any questions that you may have.


Divining is the primary aspect of obtaining a sustainable high yield water supply. We look to find water in an aquifer well below the surface ground water table setting us apart from other drilling companies. We use techniques past down from generation to generation to leave you with the best possible water supply.


Here at Dubinchak Drilling we use equipment that far exceeds the minimum requirements allowing us to penetrate the most difficult ground conditions in some of the worst environments without
excuses. All our equipment is either all wheel drive or track mounted allowing access into almost any site.


To accompany our drilling services, we offer a full installation package. This can involve the install of high quality and reliable pumps, the hydro-vac of industry standard trenches and installation of pressure systems allowing you immediate access to ground water at the turn of a tap.


Drilling of water bores produces a large quantity of by-product expelled from the hole whist drilling. Dubinchak Drilling offer a service to clean up this waste and remove it from site leaving your yard as we found it.

Clean Up

Not all bores are constructed at the same quality as Dubinchak Drilling. We offer a wide variety of
solutions to get existing bores performing to their full potential. Flushing, Redrilling and re sleeving
are some of the possible solutions that might fix your low yield bore.

Existing Bore Maintenance
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